A focus on stability

Community Housing Development Corporation takes a unique, businesslike approach to affordable housing by keeping overhead costs low and structuring its properties and operations to be financially self-sustaining over the long term.

Operations of CHDC properties are funded by resident rents and long-term government contracts, without reliance on philanthropy.

The operations of the organization, including staff and administrative expenses, are funded by developer fees and proceeds from CHDC’s housing portfolio.

This self-sustaining model gives partners and lenders confidence that CHDC will sustain its mission over the long term.

It also protects CHDC from fluctuations in philanthropic giving and enables it to thrive during economically challenging times.

CHDC has preserved, created, and operated affordable housing for more than 20 years without selling a property or failing to complete a project.

 “Our stability is your strength”

Social service providers trust CHDC to provide the foundation of a stable home for individuals and families so these partners can focus on other dimensions of their clients’ lives. CHDC provides these partners unmatched expertise in housing and tax credit compliance. Plus, because CHDC does not raise philanthropic dollars, its partners are free to seek support from the philanthropic community for their own programming.

Communities trust CHDC to sustain high quality, affordable homes and enhance the community over the long term. The property management teams selected by CHDC ensure that each property remains an asset to its community for decades.

Current owners of government-subsidized housing units trust CHDC to assume ownership of properties they’ve cared for over many years. Across Minnesota, CHDC has purchased Section 8 units from owners interested in divesting. CHDC ensures the long term vitality of these properties and provides affordable living options for community residents.

"CHDC is a very efficient organization because it expands and contracts its infrastructure to meet the capacity needed for the project at hand. Plus, they assemble a team of extremely qualified, high-level individuals to get the work done."

Kate Barr

Executive Director
Nonprofits Assistance Fund